Scott Kinsey – Kinesthetics (Abstract Logix)

Scott Kinsey is a very skilled keyboardist/pianist, both in creative and technical areas and, his appearance here has a specific reason. I have already written about Gary Willis and the relation between them is that both are members of Tribal Tech, one of my favorite contemporary jazz bands.

I have always enjoyed this band. The compositions explores rhythms, harmonies and unusual melodies. This is very suitable for people like me, who constantly look for high quality original music and, of course, having a nice recording quality.


The Tribal Tech’s guitar, Scott Henderson, has already made a concert in my country (Brazil), on SESI theater and I was present there, me and my wife. To be honest, I didn’t like the event, tougth the musics too heavy for my taste, quite different from what I’m used to listen at home.
While listening this Scott Kinsey’s work and, being familiar with other albums from Gary Willis, I concluded that those two guys are the big names behind Tribal Tech’s geniality.
It is also interesting to listen this album knowing the meaning of “kinesthetics”: the esthetics of movement. Scott tried to use predefined themes and lots of improvisations. On top of that, put a richness of textures, percussions, harmonies and uncommon melodies, resulting in a fluid sound with a lot of aesthetic information.

Not limited to extreme creativity, he is a nice producer and knows music recording very well, showing us that he knows what high fidelity is.
It is a technical album, artistic as well, creating lots of movements, with extreme beauty.



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