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The Gene Harris/Scott Hamilton Quintet – At Last (Concord)

July 13, 2010

What happens when we join excellent musicians, a memorable label, a perfect recording and a unique moment? It happens a great piece of Jazz art: The Gene Harris/Scott Hamilton Quintet, At Last.
Scott Hamilton and Gene Harris are the main names of this recording. The Scott’s tenor sax always very smooth with a powerful medium low frequency dynamics. On piano, Gene shows his accessible jazz style with a blues and soul touch. Also, Herb Hellis (guitar), with a undistorted timbre, a extremely pleasant sweet sound. Harold Jones plays the drums and, as a great bonus, the bass of Ray Brown always very present on the music.
This is another great Concord’s recording. It was made in 1990, already in the CD Era and, technically perfect. The bass low notes, the medium-lows of the piano and tenor sax and the highs of drum and piano excite all the frequency range of your equipment. I’m a big fan of Concord Records, with an special enthusiasm for that time records.
If you like Jazz, specially those played by great musicians in great moments, picked up by people that know what and how to do, this is a collector item mandatory in any collection.