The Anthony Wilson Trio – Jack of Hearts (Groove Note)

This is my second Anthony’s album. The other is Our Gang, which was already commented here and which I like a lot. They are both extremes of Anthony Wilson presence at Groove Note.
When I listened a sample of this work in CD Universe, I listened only the first track Mezcal. This track has an interesting joy rithm and made me order one copy of Jack Of Hearts CD.
I was expecting something similar do Our Gang and, it is oddly very similar and quite different, at the same time.
One similarity is that we have a guitar-drum-organ trio. Guitar (Anthony Wilson), Drums (Jeff Hamilton and Jim Keltner) and Organ (Larry Goldings). This organist adds a very intense and seasoned timbre to the album. I enjoyed a lot his work here.

The main difference between Jack of Hearts and Our Gang is the music style. Our Gang is more bebop oriented, which is absolutely not the case in this new record. Jack of Hearts has a post-bop atmosphere. More ongoing rhythms, sometimes bluesy sometimes psychedelic. There was a real change in the 8 years between the two records.
Another similarity is the recording quality. Groove Note is already a safe hifi quality label for me. Very nice drum pickup and extremely well tonal balance.
There are other 2 Groove Notes releases: Savivity and Power of Nine, already in my wish-list and hope to get them soon.

thank you


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