Geral Veasley – Velvet (Heads Up)

Geral Veasley is an excellent American bassist influenced by Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke.
In the early 90’s he signed with Heads Up International and released good records so far. Velvet is one of them.
As the name itself suggests, Velvet is a work with smooth and soft musics. With a funky-jazz-soul style he shows a very solid creativity. He is able to create original forms, always with the bass in evidence.
My favorite tracks are Put your Sunday clothes, Bread Puddin’ and Home.
The recording quality of the Heads Up releases are always very good. Velvet is not different. A very safe HiFi album.

I have already written in other posts that bass players, when decides for a solo career, usually do the right thing. The bass, which is a rhythmic instrument (since it depends closely on the drums), when is the main spot of an album, shall reveal exactly that: rhythm. Probably that’s the reason why it is important that the bassist show up more. Have you ever wondered how the modern jazz would be without guys like Jaco, Stanley Clarke and others?

Best wishes


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