The Ray Brown Trio – Soular Energy (Concord)

This work was originally released by Concord Records, in LP. The original Concord LPs are true relics and I already owned many of them, but ended up selling everything when I sold my Thorens turntable.
I really like this LP series released by Concord in 70-80’s. Whenever I found one in the used LP stores nearby I got it without asking for any discounts. They always played very well here. It is a company that always concern about the artists selection and, fortunately, about the way the music is presented: great recordings and masterings. When put to play in hi-fi stereo systems, they allow us to enjoy all the musicians performance, without losing any detail.
Ray Brown was a bass player that had a very intense Jazz life. He was married to Ella Fitzgerald, was member of Oscar Peterson band, was one of the L.A. Four, and others…
As I already wrote above, this recording follows the Concord quality standard, but I can say it is some steps above the expected, becoming a true piece of music (when art and recording are great, we got a true musical piece of art).
It was trio that knew how to choose the tracks. The Ray Brown bass is very well captured and we are able to listen all the notes and intentions perfectly. Therefore, the main highlight of this album is the great pianist Gene Harris.
The classic Take the “A” Train is played down-tempo, very different of its original pace. In Mistreated But Undefeated Blues track, the pianist used the left hand with pleasant energy (few audio systems can reveal that) and, finally, Sweet Georgia Brown, other great standard beautifully presented here, mostly by the bass notes of Ray Brown.

Best wishes


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