Spyro Gyra – Wrapped in a Dream (Heads Up)

I’ve been planning a review of this record in the last five days, after some listening sessions and some adjustments to my hifi stereo.
When I met Spyro Gyra for the first time, some years ago, I was listening to “Breakout” in a standard LP version, and I enjoyed it a lot. The band occupied a good place in my collection since then.
Something happened in the last times, while listening to “Modern Times” and “Original Cinema”. I realized that the band was a kind of modern jazz industry by itself. So many records and so many tracks, with many common aspects between them. Jay Beckenstein always soloing its alto sax, very perfect music, with very perfect melodies and compositions, always very smooth and well synchronized. What is that? Art or commercial music? I started to read about Spyro Gyra and found that this band is very criticized about being a commercial-focused band.

The fact is that Spyro Gyra has an extensive list of records and a maze of materials to explore. I just found that they have records from GRP, which is one of my favorite record labels and they sounds very nice in my sound system. For sure I’m aiming these and will start doing some research on them soon.
Wrapped in a Dream is a must-have album for those who like good modern jazz music with superb recording quality. This record has some features that makes it a bit different and innovative, at least comparing with other recent albums. Has some Spanish touches and the track “Impressions Of Madrid” and “Walkin’ Home” are my favorite.
Despite the critics, I have a lot of fun listening to this album, and that’s what matters.



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