Al Di Meola – Consequence Of Chaos (TELARC)

I have already written about another work Electric Rendezvous released by Al Di Meola in 1981. Consequence Of Chaos has been released in 2006, so there are 25 years between them! It is very interesting such time distance allowing us to compare them. I like a lot the analog touch of Electric Rendezvous, what is not, of course, the case in the newer one, although its first-quality recording.
It is said that this album consolidates the return of the musician to the electric guitar universe, despite the fact he plays also acoustic instruments here.
I have been trying to relate the CD title to the music styles and it seems to me that they are linked to the chaotic style of the tracks. They are so well formulated that end up surprising us. They don’t follow a standard musical pattern, what makes them complex and, I think we can say chaotic. The style have also some flamenco flavoring.
After listening to Electric Rendezvous and Consequence of Chaos, we reach a conclusion that there is a tight link between them. Al Di Meola kept his features and style from 25 years ago. He is a guitar-riff and solos expert. Excellent compositions and a lot of creativity.

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