LA4 – Just Friends (Groove Note reissued)

I’m not sure about start writing about Laurindo Almeida by the fact I’m Brazilian, I’m not sure about starting from the other musicians by the fact they are great and I’m not sure about start writing about the recording quality, which is fabulous. Did you realize the level of what I’m talking about?

I’ll start with the above order since I have to start and I ended, unwittingly, establishing an order up.
Laurindo de Almerida is not exactly the central spot of this album, since LA4 is a group and not a solo work.
He was born in 1917. It means that his works are quite old. After being one of the Camren Miranda’s musicians, formed some contacts in Hollywood, becoming a very required musician and, then, establishing himself in Los Angeles.
He played several styles, bossa nova, classic, jazz and romantic. Unfourtunately he is not very known by the Brazilians nowadays.

I would give the major highlight in this work to the altoist Bud Shank. I usually dislike alto sax because its timbre is a little burnt and sour. But in this case, it isn’t! Was recorded with an superb timbre and is very comfortable for the ears (I need to send a copy to my friend Jay Beckenstein).
Well, since I already said something about the recording, I can say that listening to this record in customer grade stereo system is a heresy. This recording is so exquisite that make us freeze listening to all the tracks from start to finish.
This record was first released by Concord in direct cut mastering. I already had many Concord original LPs and always were a high quality synonym.
This Groove Note reissue was made in a way that preserves the analog elements of the original LPs. I perfectly remember the timbre of the original Concord records and I can say that this reissue keeps all the old original features.
Very high recommended, if you have tube amplifiers, then it is mandatory.

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