Larry Carlton – Fire Wire (Bluebird RCA)

Larry Carlton, veteran guitar player. He was already a studio musician, recorded with Michael Jackson, Steely Dan and much more.
He is most known as a jazz blues musician. Replaced Lee Ritenour in Fourplay. This band might be more popular than Larry himself, by the way. Fourplay is almost my favorite style, except by the fact that their music is very quiet and so well behaved but has my own respect despite that.
Perhaps, that was the reason why Larry Carlton decided to make Fire Wire? If you like Guitar Heroes (aka virtuous guitar player and not the video-game, ok?) you will enjoy this record a lot.
With a truly rock punch, guitar with more overdrive effects than usual, with blues, jazz and funk dressing.
Maybe Larry Carlton wanted to rebel himself against the so well behaved sound of Fourplay and decided to put all that into Fire Wire? The music are very nice. Reminded me the Satriani work I already commented here.
Another interesting point is as we go listening to music and trying to evaluate them, we become more familiar to the sound engineers than the artists (or musicians, since the good sound engs. are artists as well). Doug Sax was the responsible for the mastering (thanks God this guy is always present). He made a very interesting mastering, putting all the parts together, without creating much air gap between the instruments. A very typical rock’n roll mastering.
I ended this text up with the guy responsible for the mastering here. Is he an artist, or not?

Best Wishes


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