Zoltán Kodály – Cello Sonatas op.4, op8 – Duo violin-cello op.7 (Praga Digitals)

This CD was a found in a bookstore. It is a Praga Digitals recording and distributed by Harmonia Mundi.
Zoltán Kodály was a Hungarian composer born in 1882.
On this album, the first 3 moves are part of the sonata for Cello and as the name implies, only one cello is played.
The tracks 4 to 6 are part of a duet between violin and cello.
The Tracks 7 & 8 a duet between cello and piano.

What fascinated me in this CD was the cello sonata, played by the Michal Kanka (born in Prague). There are times when it is doubtful that have only one person playing. I was completely paralyzed.

The recording quality of this CD is also spectacular. The texture of the bass notes that the instrument produces is very pleasant to listen. A strong sound, medium-low, with weight. An addictive timbre. The violin capture is also impeccable.

No question about this CD had won the Diapason, among others prizes,
nor that the Michal Kanka has won several competitions, awards and was considered one of the greatest cellists in the world.

The cello used by Michal Kanka in this CD was made by the luthier Grancino Giovanni, in 1700. An instrument considered as a relic, along with the instruments of Amati and Stradivari I have already commented in previous posts.



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