Yo-Yo Ma – Bobby McFerrin – HUSH (Sony Music)

Once upon a time in a local Bookstore I found this CD, but it was costing $ 45,00 and I refused to pay that for this CD. I tried it on ebay and ended up buying one sealed for $ 14.00 (shipping included). My advice to the friends looking for bargains on ebay once in a while!

This album was recorded using 20-bit technology for “high definition sound”, bla bla bla. In short, is an excellent recording!

The songs alternate in classical and pop style by Bobby McFerrin.
This Bobby really was born with the gift of playing scales with the voice with absolute precision. In music GOUNOD/BACH: AVE MARIA he does the background melody using complicated notes and it seems he presses a button and sing any note that he wants, impressive.
Need also to mention the RIMSKY-KORSAKOV FLIGHT OF THE BUBLEBEE, where he performs a voice chromatic scales in unison with the yoyo Cello, amazing.
In track 7 JS BACH: MUSETTE, has a bit of comedy, where Bobby mimics some voices, including that of a German singing. In this range, the Cello yoyo is so well captured that some notes shake our heads (if you use mp3, ipod etc will not know what it is).



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