The Anthony Wilson Trio – Our Gang (Groove Note, 24K Gold CD)

Anthony Wilson is the guitarist of Diana Krall band and recorded the first of a series of solo works in 2001.
That’s a good thing he decided to got out a little bit of glamor-grammy reality of Diana Krall and began recording their albums through a simple trio, drums, hammond and guitar. To our luck he has selected Groove Note to register his work with the quality we deserve.
In this high quality recording, including CD 24k gold (instead of aluminum), Anthony Wilson is accompanied by drums and a Hammond B-3 which has a very pleasant sound and is also responsible for the bass using pedals.
The guitar sound is also delicious, has a very light distortion, almost imperceptible, only giving a small seasoned. It’s not a disc with astronomic improvisations, the themes are very creative and the melodies very suggestive.
Very good songs, no stress. Leave the environment half light and enjoy the entire CD is a total travel.
The drums details are also impressive. The drummer uses a lot the loose wire snare drum, creating a different timbre. You can realize perfectly well that he never hits twice with the same force.
This is my first AW record, but the others are in my wish list.



2 Responses to “The Anthony Wilson Trio – Our Gang (Groove Note, 24K Gold CD)”

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