Oscar Peterson, We Get Requests (Verve)

Oscar Peterson is one of the greatest pianists of recent times. Died in 2007, left a legacy of recordings, so I advise buying only the essentials.
Today, this recording is not exactly essential from the point of view of music. He plays “Corcovado” and “The Girl from Ipanema” that are memorable music, but today have been very explored (not at the time of original release in 1964, of course, we must take that into consideration).
I always say that the artistic quality of a work is not only what the musicians do. What the techies do is essential and in most cases represents 50% of the final result.It is a pity that this requirement is not required much around the world.
This work was reissued by Verve that remastered very well and became a very enjoyable album to listen to (and hence an excellent disc). After this release, other more sophisticated versions (K2 HD K2 HD Gold) were pricey released.
Amazingly, what attracts me in this work is the battery and the bass and not the Oscar’s piano. The battery provides good ambience. It’s leakage down the other microphones provides information about the exact size of the stage. The accuracy and balance of bass notes fully fill the listening environment and, of course, the technical genius of Oscar Peterson leading the rest. If you have good equipment (read not mp3, earphone, etc.) you will only be satisfied after listening to all the songs until the end.
For those who like old recordings recovered with excellence, it’s a mandatory CD in your collection.



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