Joe Satriani – Joe Satriani (Legacy)

This CD is somewhat curious. It has no title, just called “Joe Satriani”. Usually this type of title (with the artist’s name) is used in the first work, but this was done in 1995 and he had already released other solo albums before that.
Maybe he has used it to create a remarkable single work in his career, it is an album quite different from the others.
Many don’t like this work because it is not exactly a Guitar Hero album. There are no killer solos and guitar electronic effects. He has simply used a slight distortion of a Marshall amplifier. To make things better (or worst, depending on your preference), is a work where the blues, rock and jazz are highlighted and not the Rock / Metal.
I personally don’t like Guitar Heroes, but I appreciate good guitar players and this CD fits perfectly in my musical taste.
With nice compositions, blues touch, rock and jazz. Satriani has shown that he is much more than just a musician that performs guitar solos. He knew how to explore the compositions, the grooves and rhythms.
To increase the good features and put this work many steps up, the recording quality was very meticulous. Excellent ambience/capture of drums and a dignified mastering, well balanced and extremely hifi.
I had this CD since the release in 1995 and got many scratches that I couldn’t hardly put to play. I ordered another copy from CD Universe for pocket money months ago.



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