George Duke – Dukey Treats (Heads Up)

For those who don’t know him, he is a great musician who began his career in 70’s. I have a short list of favorite musicians, most are jazz musicians. George Duke is one of them, but it is totally headed to the Jazz, at least not after the start of his career.
He follows a more funk, jazz and pop line. I consider him a genius, mainly for its creativity and ability to play the piano. I have other Duke albuns, but as this is my last purchase, it is still ringing in my ears.
At the beginning of the listening, I found the recording a little compressed. Along the tracks, this album showed that the sound quality is excellent, mainly because of the deep and correct positioning of the instruments.
At first it seemed to be one more Duke-style work, with a delicious Dukey Treats and others. To my surprise, when he played the Creepin ‘, an thriller-style music, I got impressed with the creativity. Going forward, “Are You Ready” is a Disco from 80’s, and it seems to be Earth Wind & Fire and, as it was not enough, the music “Images of Us”, a Jazz with plenty of groove to confuse our minds.
Several flavors available in this beautiful work of George Duke, perhaps that’s the reason why he chose the chocolate keyboard for the CD cover.

Best wishes


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