Dave Grusin – Homage To Duke (GRP Records)

Dave Grusin is definitely one of my favorite musicians and producers, as well as owner of GRP Records, one of my favorite labels.
He is a musician who just stood out for movie soundtracks, but has many jobs outside of this line, and Homage To Duke is one of them.
Combining traditional and contemporary jazz, he recorded basically the standards of Duke Ellington, but using his genius vision in both the performance and production areas. Remarks to the music Caravan, which was arranged surprisingly.

The recording quality is worthy of being played on our hifi sound systems.
Sometimes I wonder why a standard is a standard?
I’ve had several stages of music throughout my life and nowadays I can’t stand listening many things I’ve heard extensively.
When I put this CD to play, all the songs I’ve heard so many times in different versions.
The songs are still very nice and familiar, rising new creations and new interpretations, becoming immortal. This is a standard.



3 Responses to “Dave Grusin – Homage To Duke (GRP Records)”

  1. Rob Says:

    Great review, this just happens to be one of my favorite albums by Dave Grusin.

  2. villabourani Says:

    It’s a great album, I love Dave Grusin’s work, have you heard his ‘West side Story’ album? I’ve just written a post on my blog about Dave Grusin:


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