Bill Evans Trio – Waltz for Debby (Riverside)

The Bill Evans is considered a pianist who revolutionized the harmony of jazz piano. Many believe that there were two ages in the jazz piano harmony, one before and one after Bill Evans.
This is a recording that has been carefully remastered.
The recording is from 1961 and has a great ambience, resembling “Jazz at the Pawnshop”, where you can hear the ambience of conversation from the audience, ice cubes shaking in whisky, cups being washed, and many other details, something that no longer exist in the current recordings.
I really like this type of recording, making a meditation hearing style we can carry to the 60’s and feel there together with people at the tables, where things were very different from than they are today.

I knew this CD with my piano instructor, while I was studying music.
He lent me that because I was studying a (My Romance) and he wanted me to hear Bill Evans version. When I put here to play in my stereo I run to buy the original.

It’s a cool album to listen to, rather brush drums and very accurate acoustic bass.



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