Stradivarius On Gold (Cisco 24k. Gold CD)


Keiko Ogura (Piano)
Joko Fujita (Violin)

Meditation from Thais (Massenet)
Liebeslied / Tambourin Chinois (Kresilas)
Vocalise (Rachmanioff)
Sonata in B major, K378 (Mozart)
N.5 Violin Sonata in F major, Opus 23 (Beethoven)

I have already written about my friend Contra-Bass maker sixteenth century Matteo Guersam in the last post and now it’s time to talk about my colleague Antonio Stradivari, also known as Antonio Stradivarius. It was common at that time to latinize names.
Stradivari lived in Cremona, Italy, between the centuries XV and XVI, the same land of Nicolò Amati and Giovanni Grancino. Amati was another master violin maker. Amati and Stradivarius violins are considered supreme, no one has ever done anything like them. Stradivari was apprenticed of Amati by their 20-year-old when he began working in his own studio.
Antonius Stradivarius added air and resolution in the high notes of the violin in comparison to Amati. The average results are richer sound and stronger bass notes. Exactly what we can hear on this beautiful capture recording in high fidelity.
Only those who have a quality stereo system can enjoy the uniqueness of this violin timbre. Those who do not care about audio quality will be missing that. Don’t think that you will be able to enjoy a Stradivarius listening to music on your computer or mp3. Don’t be disappointed, you can still enjoy this beautiful work, even if not in its fullness.

The violin used in this recording is a “Sunrise” Strad. It is the name given to one of the most famous Stradivarius violins made. Part of a special category he built in limited quantities and now belongs to Mr. Michio Fujii, president of Ryukakusan Company Ltda.
Today the violin is stored in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity.
Another interesting point is that depending on external influences such as room acoustics, temperature, moisture and sensitivity of the musician, it can improve the performance of “Sunrise” many times over ordinary violins under the same conditions. So that conditions were all taken into account in order to perform this recording. The correct choice of the theater and the microphones was very important.

Microphones used: Neumann U87, U67, 56U CMC and B & K 4006.

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