Stanley Clarke – School Days

This is one of the early works of Stanley Clarke. It was recorded in 1976 and is a first quality rock-jazz-funk recording. It’s amazing how bass players do well in this style. I had this LP, 2 years ago. I bought it “sealed” by the Internet. This album sounds very well. Unfortunately I do not have it anymore, only on CD.
I was listening to the last song The Life is Just a Game where musicians play some musical scales quickly and in unison, in a style that I had heard somewhere.
After a while, I remembered I had heard something on the CD Return to Forever – Romantic Warrior, with some jazz newbies (Chick Corea, Al di Meola and Stanley Clarke himself), then I realized the similarity. The music The Magician, authored by Stanley have the same scales described above. This Return to Forever album was recorded in February 1976, and Stanley Clarke recorded School Days in June of that year. He must have remembered the arrangement (or was studying some new scales) he made months ago with Chick Corea and wrote a song with the same element.

Return to Forever – Romantic Warrior



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