John Pizzarelli – PS Mr. Cole (Rca Victor)

The John Pizzarelli is an educated guitarist/singer, elegant and well behaved. Nevertheless, I think this guy deserves to be here.
I’ve ever been in his show and the guy really knows how to play guitar. This show was a pocket show, actually. Just voice and guitar. The guy playing alone, without band filled the atmosphere with swing, harmony and melody.

This CD is played only with guitar/vocals, bass and piano. There are no drums. Are music with lots of swing and makes you tap your foot easily.
The jazz piano in this CD is incredible, precise and improvised with swing, which makes me very impressed.

I was listening to this CD today and I remembered a curious fact.
Some years ago, when I studied piano, the teacher gave me the Tenderly music score to study and play without errors in the next class.
The original score (I believe it was original) was a bit sleepy. I realized that the music had the unexplored potential and put my own touch to it. I made the pace faster and with some swing, it was great.
When I arrived at class, I played my version. You know what happened? I got a great scolding. Teachter said I had ruined the song and that should be played in the original way.
Years ago I was buying some CDs, when I saw that John Pizzarelli. I realized the track 10 was just Tenderly. I bought the CD.
When put it to play, it was a surprise. The pace and swing just like the one I played, and took scolding.
Does John Pizzarelli got scolding from someone?



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