Inga Swearingen – Learning How To Fly

The voice of this girl is very unique. She has a smooth control of the voice tone, which is quite natural and never tires the ear. When she sings stronger, the voice continues with a smooth texture and very nice power.
I love the track “All Blues” (Miles Davis). I usually don’t like instrumental versions of sung music, I think it’s completely disproportional, which is not true in this case. It’s really a journey, sometimes better than the own sometimes-off-key Davis trumpet.
The recording quality reflects very well the instruments arrangement on the stage and, in the booklet, has a photo of the band set in the exact position we hear.
The songs on this CD are mostly jazz standards very well selected, as Caravan and Speak Low. It’s a work that I always put to play and never get tired, because of its extremely good taste.

Best Regards


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