George Benson – Absolute Benson (GRP)

Despite being disappointed with his CD along Al Jarreau, I kept looking for his albums and will keep looking, because I’m a fan of his work. He is one of the greatest guitarists in jazz and other styles I’ve ever known. Although having become a little pop and a lot of criticism for that, he always proves very versatile and has left a great respect musical legacy.
I have been look for this work a while. It was in my wish list also because it is a GRP label, one of my favorites.
The Ghetto track is my favorite track.

In early 2007, during some FNAC Paulista Avenue CD shop. mining, hidden on the last shelf, in the last place, I found him, or he founds me, by a good price, considering the prices of imported CDs in those big stores in Sao Paulo.
By finding this work, if you enjoy George Benson, buy it. It is an excellent must-have jazz recording, one of the best I’ve heard so far.

The recording is a masterpiece and the answer is in the liner notes: Recorded by Al Schmitt, Mixed by Bill Schnee and Mastered by Doug Sax. Need I say more?



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