Gary Willis (Alchemy Records)

Gary Willis – Bent (Alchemy Records)

Gary Willis is (or was) the bass player of Tribal Tech (which has the Scott Henderson on guitar).
I always liked Tribal Tech because I like bands that go beyond the conventional boundaries of musical composition.
This CD is the face of Tribal Tech and it requires a bit of flexibility to listen to the songs at first, especially if you are not familiar with this style.
This CD is a superb recording quality. On some tracks the sound seems to come from behind.
Another quality of the recording are the drums. I really like drums with the snare drum in evidence, which is a delight for the tube amps.

Another Garry Willis work is

Gary Willis – No Sweat (Alchemy Records)

Is another excellent work in the same style as before.

I only suggest these works for those who want to get out of the routine compositions and explore new concepts with explicit tunes, melodies, suggestive harmonies, graphic rhythms, complex and diverse, virtuoso bass, highly creative-serious-deepness sub-bass, amazing drums capture, wide soundstage and focused instruments.
Otherwise I do not suggest them.
If you like to at least two items above, then this work is mandatory in your collection!

Best wishes


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