Chick Corea – The Ultimate Adventure (Concord Records)

Talking about Chick Corea is easy for me. One of my favorite jazz musicians. The more the time passes, the more updated he is. Always seeking to innovation.
I was one of the first to buy this CD in the pre-order directly from the Chick’s site and received a unit properly autographed by him.
It is an extremely interesting album, almost conceptual. The songs are linked together in following a sequence and have several elements, such as African, Spanish, Arabic and even Brazil (with opossum/cuica and all), after all, the percussionist is the Brazilian Rubem Dantas.
It is based on the book of the favorite Chick writer’s: L. Ron Hubbard.
Participants Musicians: Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, Airto Moreira, Hossam Ramzy, Hubert Laws, Frank Gambale, among others.
The whole album is a richness of rhythms and compositions in an excel quality.
We are lucky since Chick knows what can happen when the recording quality is first class. Here’s what he wrote:

The recording, mixing and mastering of audio becomes an art when performed with creativity, vision and with technical perfection. I’m lucky this recording, mixing and mastering were done by artists audio genius. Since his recordings with Henry Mancini and Steely Dan to his great work in recent Ray Charles, Genius Loves Company, I always admired the beauty of the work of Al Schmitt. I am very glad he put his magic touch on this recording. Bernie Kirsh and I worked together since 1975, when we recorded The Leprechaun. Since then have been more than 30 albums working together. Now, again, his infallible recording is responsible for this work. Doug Sax put their finishing touches on the sound and presentation of the recording. He put all the parts into a unified whole, resulting in a sound that I personally love. Three great audio masters.

That’s it. These names above will be cited often by me here/

For me, the technical quality is essential. A good recording quality brings out the artistic part.
The higher the perfection of the audio, the more it ceases to be technical, being a whole artistic.



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