A Cappella

A Cappella is not really a musical style, but a kind of musical formation which do not use musical instruments except the human voice.
I Write here two works in the same formation, but with significant differences.

Take 6 – So Cool (Reprise Records HDCD) Take 6 – So Cool (Reprise Records HDCD)

The major feature of this CD is the sound resolution of the voices. It is not a minimalist recording, neither ambience recording. It has many effects and electronics involved in the production, but still is a delight for the ears.
Another remarkable point of this CD are the bass singer who makes the extremelly low voices. Sweet illusion that he does it alone without any electronic resource, but it is worth the same way.
It is a very smooth CD, sweet songs and good taste.
There are 6 members who make all the chords, melodies, rhythms and percussion with voices and, occasionally, put some tools together.
I always enjoyed their music, but never noticed the messages of the songs, they are a Gospel band.
I started paying more attention to the letters, which are very beautiful and convey a lot of peace. Usually when I’m feeling down or discouraged, I listen to their work, makes me feel better, somehow.

Well, unlike the tip I gave above:

The Persuasions – A Cappella Dreams (Chesky Records) The Persuasions – A Cappella Dreams (Chesky Records)

This is not an a high-tech cappella band. It is much simpler and has 5 senior members, singing together for over 40 years.
The amazing thing is the voice tone of that guys. There is no effect in the recording, which is made from high-resolution 96/24 and what we hear is exactly as if they were performing live in front of us without any microphone. Chesky, is Chesky. It is a disc recorded in St. Peter Church 2003 / NY.
If the bass of Take 6 has electronic help, this one hasn’t. It doesn’t go far down, but it is realistic, and severe texturized. Between the two this is my preference, but both are worth every penny.

Thanks a lot


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