Brian Bromberg – Wood II (Artistry Music)

This bass has been cited several times in hifi communities so I decided to write about it now.
Here is a CD that I enjoy a lot. I already knew the previous CD Wood and decided to bet on this one from CD Universe.
I think I would consider this guy as one of the best jazz bass players I know. I kept my mouth opened while listening to this CD, especially in his solo songs. In track 8, he plays Cary On Wayward Son (Kansas) only on bass. This is a classic. The music he plays on track 3 is Blue Bossa solo also. In addition to be a bass reference as has been said here, he produced the CD (it has a business and studio called B2). It is a recording reference. Few recordings are a collection of acoustic bass like this. Just listening to understand what I mean.
If this CD had not been recorded carefully to reproduce in detail the nuances of acoustic bass, it wouldn’t worth it. In fact, listen to this music in any consumer grade sound should not reveal anything because we can not capture the energy of the moment Brian Bromberg plays the bass.

Regarding the instrument, as I said here in other posts about old instruments. He has an acoustic bass made 300 years ago, which is also used in this recording (and earlier too). It was manufactured in Italy around 1700 by Matteo Guersam and he plays it since he was 16 years old.

Brian Bromberg



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